Release pnop OS [en]

Today, we are excited to release our pnop OS Apr.1,21 Joke edition!

pnop OS overview

Strictly speaking, the pnop OS developed independently this time is an EFI Boot Application created natively in C#. The footprint is only 8 KB and it’s super lightweight. Users can deploy this ultra-lightweight custom OS from the Azure Marketplace in a matter of seconds and build joke messages on their customers’ Azure environment.

  • Offer (SKU) : pnop OS Apr.1,21 Joke edition
  • Features :
    • Joke message on boot diagnostics
    • This OS does not provided as follows:
    • Interactive Shell
    • Network features (VNET integration, IPv4/IPv6 stack)
    • Servers (HTTP/S, SSH, RDP, other service programs)
    • Custom Applications

As mentioned above, it’s a custom OS that doesn’t provide anything other than a joke message at startup, but I’m glad we released it today.

How to deploy

You want to deploy? It’s so easy! Just search for pnop OS on the Azure Marketplace and create it like a regular VM(Gen 2)! (If you can’t select “Gen2”, try setting the portal language to English.)

Create a virtual machine (Advanced)

Create a virtual machine (Advanced)

It’s so April fools day.

How far is the story? Even though it’s a joke, the native C# EFI Boot Application that runs on Azure is true and gives a good message. For some reason, the application from the Azure Marketplace has been accepted, so it may be true (even if it is not in time for midnight on April 1st).

  • It’s the final stage right now, so once this process is done, you should be able to create it from your Azure portal.

Well, there’s nothing that can be put to practical use, so that’s a joke, and is this post not a news release, but our marketing about the Azure Marketplace on April Fool’s Day?

About Azure Marketplace

Not famous at all, we publish Load Tester (multiple remote servers) Powered by Apache JMeter™ and Tsunami - security scanner on the Azure Marketplace.

As with this story, we have a lot of know-how about these Azure Marketplace, so if you want to offer something on Azure Marketplace, please feel free to contact us! (This is the story for what I want to say)

About EFI Boot Application

It’s really an app that just EFI Boots and sends a message, but it can be done properly in C#. In the world, he thought that the ゼロからのOS自作入門 was very popular, so I thought about building up the OS properly, but I gave up because I did not have the time and skills to that extent, and after a little research there is a way to make it natively to C#. It’s kind of like that, so I decided to make it easy.

Special thanks

Also, originally, in order to publish to the Azure Marketplace, it is necessary to review (verify) the OS image, which is quite strict. Speaking of this story, it is NG because there is no Shell and the VM Extension of Azure does not work, but when I contacted Microsoft support, I got some agreement with the purpose and the minimum phase was OK (seriously (Is it serious? The biggest mystery this time. Thank you very much to guys on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace team!!!